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Receive BI reports via instant messenger to your smartphone or tablet PC. With the world's first BI bot for enterprise-ready business intelligence from Cubeware. Distribute dynamic BI reports on demand in seconds. No training needed. No BI knowledge required. Just do it – simply.

This is how it works

1. Open instant messenger or BI app

2. Display reporting environment

3. Select report

4. Analyse, share, benefit

Currently available for Telegram™, Skype™ for Business and Cubeware C8 Mobile messaging services. Additional services under development. See your most frequently used reports at a glance. Search through large reporting environments easily thanks to intelligent autocompletion using natural language. Select the report with a single touch. Set filters dynamically using @-notation. Receive the report within seconds. Share insights with colleagues or save to your favourites at the press of a button.

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BI-Bots ...

  • Bots, also called chatbots, are text-based dialog systems similar to IRC services.
  • Bots consist of a mask for text input and output with which you can communicate using natural language.
  • Bots can respond to previously defined commands with specific actions. For example, @-notation can be used to select filters in a BI environment.
  • Bots act as an interface to services outside the chat in order to incorporate further information directly into the dialog and to make it available to other participants.

  • Inform now!

    Advantages of Cubeware BI Bots


    Benefit from the "WhatsApp" effect. Receive dynamic BI reports directly on multiple devices via your messaging app.


    Sharing information was never so affordable. No training needed. No compromises with licensing. Implemented in 5 minutes.


    Your security standards call the tune. End-to-end encryption, firewall, VPN, master password….


    No additional effort. You can access your existing reporting environment.


    Exactly as you wish. Tailored information thanks to predefined reporting logic and user concepts.


    Full access. Integration of relational and multi-dimensional databases and source systems.

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    Cubeware BI-Bot testing

    After registration, you will have access to the Cubeware BI-Bot Demo (including Messenger function) for all iOS and Windows10 devices.

    BARC Whitepaper

    Free download of the independent Research Note "BI Bots - Business Intelligence for Everyone?" with informations about Status Quo, applications & vision of the chatbot technology in the BI field.
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